Percussion Works.

Having buckets of fun since 2013

In 2013 The Council for the Arts in Herndon, in conjunction with the Nelson J. and Katherine Friant Post Foundation and The Music Loft, initiated percussion works. This program helps students at the elementary school level incorporate the ARTS, specifically MUSIC, to help develop their understanding of critical math skills while encouraging musical experimentation. 

The program was created,designed, and implemented by The Music Loft, LLC to reach all learners at a universal level. Percussion is something everyone can participate in, no matter what their economic, educational, or skill set is.  Every child can play a bucket with sticks which made the program inclusive instead of exclusive.  Percussion Works provides high caliber learning opportunities and fun for all.  It also enhances academic performance in the classroom while building important interdisciplinary skills such as fine and gross motor skills, verbal and math skills and working cooperatively in a group setting.


              Herndon ES                            Oak Hill ES                                        Aldrin ES                             Armstrong ES